Starting at Smeeth

Reception Class Pupils

All pupils start school in the September of the academic year (September to August) in which they become five. A programme of introductory visits is arranged for reception class children towards the end of the Summer Term prior to their starting school. There is also an evening meeting for parents of reception children starting in September, held during July.

School Uniform

The school colours are blue and grey. The wearing of school uniform is encouraged and parents are requested not to send pupils to school in unsuitable clothes. Smeeth School sweatshirts, cardigans and jogging trousers are available from the Secretary. Children need suitable clothing for Physical Education. All age groups will need shorts and tee shirt. P.E. in the hall is undertaken in bare feet. Older pupils will need suitable kit for outdoor P.E. including footwear for the playground and the school field during summer and winter. Tracksuits are encouraged for outdoor winter use. Please mark all clothing with your child’s name. All jewellery (watches, rings, earrings) has to be removed for P.E. The above can be worn if wished provided the items are reasonably unobtrusive. Pupils are discouraged from wearing necklaces and other items that may be a potential hazard at playtimes.

School Day

A teacher is on duty in the playground for ten minutes before the school day officially begins.

8:50Start of school
10:15 - 10:30Morning break time
12:00 - 1:00Dinner time
2:00 - 2:10Afternoon break time (some classes)
3:15End of school

School Assemblies

School Assemblies are an important part of school life and give a daily opportunity for the school to meet as a whole. The content of Assemblies reflects the ‘broadly Christian’ requirement of the 1988 Education Act. During the year subjects covered would include Christian festivals, seasonal stories, stories from the Bible and from other religions and stories with a moral message. Hymns, carols and songs are an important part of school assemblies and there is a weekly singing practice.

At times pupils will be involved in presenting an assembly and the work of each class will be regularly celebrated. Children’s birthdays will be remembered and each Friday pupils will be rewarded for achievement in schoolwork, behaviour or in other areas of school life. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from R.E. lessons and Assemblies if they so wish.