L.A. Governors appointed by Kent Education Committee
Mr Tony Dolding(Appointed 2 December 2011)  
Mr M. Turner(Appointed June 2013)  
Community Governors
Mrs Diane Mackay(Re- Appointed October 2013).  
Mr G Miller(Appointed March 2008)  
Mr Michael Stickler(Appointed October 2011)  
Staff Governors
Mr P Henry(elected Sept 2012)
Ms Jo Penrose (elected September 2013)  
Mr P Dawson-Head Teacher  
 Parent Governors
Mrs C Browning(Re-Elected June 2010)
Mrs C. Burke(Elected October 2012)  
Mrs N Bell (Re-Elected March 2013)  
Mr L McRoberts(Elected October 2012)  
 Clerk to the Governors  
 Mrs. D. Bocutt(Appointed May 2000)