We are a group of children and adults who are making an environmental change!

Eco Club

There are two people from each year group. We are weeding up in the eco area we are also sweeping up all the leaves and all the mud. In the not too distant future we are planting some flowers. We are very busy and  we also are using shovels to scrape off the moss so [...]

Eco Action.

During March, the Eco-Committee has been weeding, watering, planting, digging and sweeping in the Eco area and behind the library. A lot of the planting, watering and sweeping has been done in the old toilet block. Mr Henry Sr. has been making flower beds for the Eco area, one for each class. In these, there [...]

Smeeth’s Greenhouse

Some of the children have been busy with Mr Henry Snr planting some seeds.  It has been very successful and we will be watching these plants as they develop. As part of our ‘eco-warrier’ plan to improve the school we have, with the help of Mr Henry snr, started to develop areas and get children [...]

Blue Box Winner

Caiti won the Ashford Borough Council competition. She designed the poster below that is now displayed around the school.  Well done to all of the children who entered.