Welcome to Woodpeckers Class

Our teacher is Miss Mulhern and our teaching assistant is Mrs Quinn.

Please have a look at our most recent activities. Click on the heading to see more.

Woodpeckers are in a spin!

In Science Woodpeckers are looking at Forces.  They made spinners to study gravity and see how adding more weight made a difference.

Recycling Woodpeckers!

In true Smeeth School style, the children in Woodpeckers have been using recycled materials in Art and DT.  They have been drawing around their shoes onto cardboard and decorating them so that they can practise tying up their shoelaces.   In addition to this, the children have been studying South Africa.  As an Art activity, they decorated [...]

Arts Week in Woodpeckers

We have started our week with some painting inspired by James and the Giant Peach  

Woodpeckers move to a new beat.

On Friday Mr Richards came into school for the whole day and taught us some rhythm and chants on the djembe.  We had lots of fun and can’t wait for next time.  

Olympic torch comes to Smeeth.

On Thursday morning Smeeth children were involved in an olympic first.  The winning torch design  from the local schools competition had been delivered to the school from Brook Primary School.  All of the children paired up and then completed a relay around the school.  After making their way through a Woodpeckers tunnel two year 6 children [...]

Visiting Smeeth Church.

On Thursday 15th March we took a walk to see Smeeth’s church. Mr Jamieson met us there and shared some of his knowledge about the local area and answered some questions from the children.  

Victorian Day

Woodpeckers experienced a ‘blast from the past’ as they were transported back a few hundred years ago to the Victorian era.  As part of their History topic, the children dressed up as Victorians, used drama to role-play what it was like to live during this era, sampled shortbread and had a lesson immitating school life for the Victorians….this was [...]

Papier Mache!

For a couple of Art lessons Woodpeckers have been using papier mache to make self portraits. The children took the remaining halves of papier mache home.  As the homework task, they had to create something spectacular of their choice.  These are some of their creations, which they showed in assembly.  

Shoebox setting

As part of our Literacy last term, we were looking at two settings- Haggerty Park and the Ice Pit. Miss Makuch, linked the Art and Literacy together and the children designed a landscape to go inside a shoebox.  The landscape had to be either Haggerty Park or the Ice Pit.  Here are some of their [...]

Children of the World!

On Thursday 8th December 2011, Woodpeckers and Magpies performed their Christmas play.  The play was titled ‘Children of the World’ and featured the following countries: Poland, China, America, Australia, Ireland and Malawi.  The children put on a fantastic performance, they looked the part and sang beautifully. Can you tell which country these children are representing?