Welcome to Kingfishers class

In Kingfishers we have been studying the work of Andy ‘Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes’ Warhol.  This was our display,


Term 1 update

Pupils in Kingfishers wanted to share what they have been learning about, in term one.  In Science this term kingfishers we have been learning about testing different surfaces, we are going to tell you about forces and friction. On Wednesday 17th October 2012 we had, three surfaces, a ruler and a rubber and we had [...]

Kingfishers sew up the afternoon!

Kingfishers are making their own olympics mascots.  Mr Head is testing their sewing skills.    

Olympic torch comes to Smeeth.

On Thursday morning Smeeth children were involved in an olympic first.  The winning torch design  from the local schools competition had been delivered to the school from Brook Primary School.  All of the children paired up and then completed a relay around the school.  After making their way through a Woodpeckers tunnel two year 6 children [...]

Watch this space…

This term Kingfishers have been studying The Solar System. The focus of this week  was on Uranus. Mia and Chloe have written up a reconstruction of ‘How the rings of Uranus were discovered’. Why was it so difficult for scientists to know if Uranus had rings? It was so hard because Uranus is so far away [...]

Santa Acrostic Poetry by Ben

Santa’s acrostic poem     Santa always has a big smile on his face. Aways give children a chance. Never forgets anyone. Toys for the good children. Always has a sack full of presents.     By Ben  

Santa Acrostic Poetry by Katie

Santa Acrostic Poem!   Santa always scoffs mince pies Always kind and helpful Never forgets to check his naughty and nice list Toys are always ready every Christmas Amazing elves making wonderful presents.   By Katie

Santa Acrostic Poetry by Daisy

Santa acrostic poem   Santa is as jolly as a sausage. At night Santa gives children presents. Never forgets Christmas. The only time he comes is Christmas eve. Any naughty children don’t get any presents.   By Daisy  

Santa Acrostic Poetry by Fay

Santa acrostic Santa is always helpful and jolly Always warm and cuddly Never forget, he has a naughty and nice list Toys are crammed into his sack Adored by everybody   By Fay

Santa Acrostic Poetry by Chloe

Santa acrostic poem   Santa is always merry Always likes to carry his sack Never forgets any one in the world Toys are always delivered by him Anyone in the world gets a present from him   By Chloe

Santa Acrostic Poetry by Ella

Santa acrostic poem   Santa will always be polite, Always is kind and help, Never forgets any children, Talks merrily all the time, Adored by everybody.   By Ella