PE in French

PE in French


On Thursday 12th January 2012, Smeeth pupils enjoyed PE lessons in French.

       A French teacher from Norton Knatchbull  School, called Huguette, met me and Mrs Edwards in reception. I introduced myself in French.


Bonjour Madame


Bienvenue à notre ecole

Welcome to our school


       Eagles went to the hall to take part in the PE lesson first. They danced to traditional songs called ‘Alouette’ and ‘Savez vous planta le choux’.  Alouette is about a lark and it involves different names for parts of the body.







Savez vous planta le choux is about planting cabbages with different parts of the body. Finally, they ended with some breathing to relax.

        Overall, I think that many people enjoyed the experience. A lot of the children now know more French words. I think it was an enjoyable experience and it was nice to be taught by someone from a different school. All of the classes were involved. 


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